9 Ways To Have The Ultimate Escort Experience

  1. Communicate what kind of experience you are looking for

Do you have kinks and fantasies you’d like to explore in safe space? Or are you looking for an intimate experience with lots of conversation, cuddling and kissing? It is important to communicate what you are interested in when making a booking request so the escort can understand whether or not the two of you will be a good fit. You can search Ivy Société via categories and services here.

  1. First impressions Count

Your first point of contact is important and will set the standard for your sexual connection. There is nothing sexy about receiving short texts with explicit language. In fact it’s incredibly unoriginal, boring and often offensive. Make a good first impression by using manners and exercising good communication skills by sending a detailed booking request. See what to include in the perfect booking request here.

  1. Book in advance

Anticipation builds incredible sexual tension. We recommend booking your escort in advance. Having days, or weeks to look forward to and fantasise about your date will build your enthusiasm and give you the best value. It also gives your escort time to prepare adequately.

  1. Be on time

This is self explanatory, and basic human decency. Remember you are booking a service, so punctuality is important. Being late will ultimately be a disservice to yourself. 

  1. Practise good hygiene 

This could potentially be the most important point. Escorts put a lot of effort into looking, smelling and feeling good for you. You should do your best to return this courtesy. If you don’t practise proper hygiene your escort can and probably will cancel your date. Your escort will likely ask you to take a shower at the beginning of your booking. Accept this invitation, even if you have already just showered. Wash thoroughly and use mouthwash. There is nothing sexy about body odour or bad breath.

  1. Get to know one another 

Sex work is more than sex. Conversation is imperative to forming the basis of a great sexual connection. 

  1. Show you have done your research 

Commenting on something your escort said on twitter or mentioned on their website shows you have done your research and is a great way to start up a conversation if you’re feeling stuck. Perhaps she had mentioned a sex toy that she would like, you could buy from Adult Smart the best adult shop, and bring as a gift to your date.

  1. Don’t overstay 

There is nothing more frustrating than this. It is your responsibility to keep an eye on the time. If you wish to extend, discuss this with your escort but don’t expect it. Escorts keep busy schedules, so respect that and arrive and leave on time. 

  1. Send a thankyou email/text

It is polite to send a thank you message after the booking, particularly if you had a great experience. One text will suffice. It is important to respect the escort’s time and keep texting to a minimum.

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