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Melbourne is more than Victoria’s capital; it is arguably the multicultural epicentre of Australia and a city that is internationally renowned for its culture and liveability. If you are a Melbournian, or a visitor, there really is no better way to experience this vibrant city than with a Melbourne escort.

The city of Melbourne is vast, spreading much further than the central business district. You could travel to a different suburb and have a completely new experience of Melbourne. No matter what suburb you choose, there will be so many options for your date with a Melbourne escort.

Revered for its diverse array of people, Melbourne is home to creatives, entrepreneurs, eccentrics and just about any other archetype you can think of. You would be hard pressed to find a subculture that doesn’t exist here; Melbourne really does embrace everyone. At Ivy Société, we value diversity and proudly showcase a plethora of unique, independent Melbourne escorts that appeal to an array of preferences. Perhaps you are interested in exploring BDSM, some light bondage or role play? And perhaps you’d like to share this experience with a tall, golden blonde escort, or a curvy brunette? Ivy Société allows you to filter your search to your specific fantasies and ideals to find the perfect Melbourne escort.

It is important to us at Ivy Société that we establish trust, which is we pride ourselves on manually verifying each Melbourne escort so you can feel at ease when making your booking request. All of the Melbourne escorts you see on Ivy Société are authentic and independent.

Ivy Société is a platform where you can read content provided by leading Australian escorts on how to use proper etiquette in booking requests, and plan for a memorable date. Whether you want to explore Melbourne’s celebrated arts scene, the food & wine culture, the lively sporting events or annual comedy festival – there is definitely something for everyone. Ivy Société has a guide to the venues and hotels that Melbourne escorts have hand selected for their discretion and style. If you want to enjoy all the things this city has on offer with a Melbourne escort, but you’re not quite sure where to start, see our blog ‘Booking a Melbourne Escort.’

If you find yourself alone in Melbourne, be sure to indulge in a Melbourne escort to experience the quirky laneways, awe-inspiring art galleries, unforgettable fine-dining and energetic cafe culture.

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Ivy Société Melbourne Escorts

If you are looking for a memorable, first-rate experience; look no further than exploring the incredible city of Melbourne with a Melbourne based escort. You will find a variety of professional, independent escorts listed on Ivy Société. We are an Australian escort owned and operated directory, providing an innovative and secure platform for independent escorts. You will be spoilt for choice when browsing our platform for a Melbourne based escort. Ivy Société is home to a plethora of breathtaking Melbourne escorts to accompany you in Australia’s most revered multicultural city.

Whether you are a Melbourne local, or simply passing through; there will always be a new experience waiting for you in the city of Melbourne. Boasting some of the most authentic and diverse cuisines, there is nothing more enjoyable than taking a Melbourne based escort for your dinner companion, to relish in all Melbourne has to offer with you by their side. Surrounded by viticultural fields that are home to some of the most revered wine regions in Australia, Melbourne is hailed for its wine culture which is steeped in age-old, traditional craftsmanship. 

Treat yourself to a weekend away to the surrounding national parks with a Melbourne based escort, or perhaps you might prefer to invite a Melbourne escort to accompany you on a luxurious dinner-date at one of the many incredible restaurants Melbourne has to offer. If you only have an afternoon to spare, ask your Melbourne companion to join you in experiencing the bar, cafe or museum culture, or a stroll through one of Melbourne’s beautiful parks. Whatever your interests are, Ivy Société has the perfect Melbourne escort for you to experience the vibrant city of Melbourne with. Known for its collection of discreet fine-dining and luxurious hotels, there is no better city to enjoy an evening, or a weekend with a private escort.

At Ivy Société, we pride ourselves on providing a diverse selection of escorts and a discreet platform on which to book your Melbourne escort. We do everything in our power to make the experience of booking an escort in Melbourne as simple, and safe as possible. Our customer service team provides same day responses within business hours and works tirelessly to provide you with the best service on your search for your ideal Melbourne escort.

You may be looking to spend time with a Melbourne based escort that has a particular aesthetic. Perhaps you’re craving intimacy with a busty redhead, a petite blonde, a curvy brunette, or a black-haired beauty? To help refine your search, Ivy Société has designed a unique search function where you can input criteria to find a Melbourne based escort that appeals to your unique tastes and desires. We have pre-filled template guides to simplify the booking request process, and assist you in receiving the best possible outcome to secure your date with your dream Melbourne based escort. 

We suggest that you make a good impression when submitting your request for a date with an independent escort. As the adult industry is built on intimacy, it is important to establish positive communication and trust with the escort you wish to book. We advise reading the escorts profile thoroughly before preparing your inquiry, and then submitting a polite, legible and thorough booking request that has all the information that the escort needs. Keep in mind that private escorts may want to verify you, this is not an unfair request and you can discuss various methods of verification with the escort you are contacting. It is imperative that you respect the boundaries of private escorts, and always use the proper etiquette when making contact. The more respectful you are of an independent escort’s time and energy, the more you will get out of the encounter.

We understand that the adult industry can be daunting for some, especially for newcomers. The Ivy Société team goes above and beyond to prioritise the privacy and safety of everyone using our platform. Finding a private escort through Ivy Société is recommended, as we carefully verify each escort that requests to advertise on our platform. You can rest assured that the Melbourne based escorts on Ivy Société have undergone a rigorous verification process. We do this to allow you peace of mind when you are browsing Melbourne escorts on Ivy Société and to provide you with some security when you have found the Melbourne based escorts you’d like to send a booking request to.

There are other things you may want to take into consideration when booking a Melbourne based independent escort. We suggest that you familiarise yourself with the laws pertaining to sex work and how they differ across Australian states. In Victoria, sex work is legal however it is regulated. In 2019 the Victorian government will be working toward decriminalising sex work. Currently, in Victoria works under a legalised model where in sex work is only legal when in compliance with the conditions outlined in the Sex Work Act 1994. This act enforces that all Melbourne escorts obtain a registration number, commonly referred to as a  SWA license. This SWA license will be visible on the profile of Melbourne escorts. Incall services are not currently legal in Melbourne, meaning clients cannot legally visit a Melbourne escort. Escorts in Melbourne can however provide outcall services, wherein a Melbourne escort can visit a client. Melbourne escorts cannot legally list their services on their profile and are not lawfully able to advertise images containing nudity. It is also illegal for Melbourne escorts to provide unprotected services, which are sometimes referred to as ‘natural services’.

We have a series of articles written by Australian escorts on Ivy Société that can guide you on the best places to eat, stay and play with a Melbourne based escort. These articles go into detail about the most discreet dining and hotel options so you can plan a date that you feel secure in, while also feeling at ease to enjoy yourself and have an unaffordable experience in the company of an independent, Melbourne escort. We are confident that you will find the escorts of your dreams on Ivy Société, and that you will create memories with Melbourne escorts that will last a lifetime. Happy browsing!