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If you’re beginning your search for the perfect experience with a private Brisbane escort, you’ve come to the right place. Our platform is graced with a diverse selection of Brisbane’s finest private escorts. For your safety and discretion, the Ivy Société team has independently verified each profile featured on our website. You can rest assured that we have worked to provide you with a secure platform to explore your desires.

Renowned for its tropical climate and relaxed atmosphere, Brisbane is an up-and-coming city situated on Australia’s south-eastern coastline. Home to a plethora of modern bars and restaurants, Brisbane is the perfect city to explore with a Brisbane escort by your side.

Loved by locals and tourists alike, Brisbane is a city filled with beautiful gardens, tree-lined streets, and endless possibilities. Renowned for its arts and culture and lively entertainment scene, there is always something to enjoy.

Whether you’re lucky to live here as a local, visit as a tourist, or travel here for business, there really is no better way to experience all Brisbane has to offer than with a Brisbane independent escort by your side. The riverside dining is best enjoyed with good company.

At Ivy Société, we proudly host a unique range of independent escorts in Brisbane. Because we know that everyone has their own individual preferences – we welcome you to explore your distinct desires with our modern search function. You can find the experience you’ve been dreaming of by searching for your specific interests, particular services, or certain physical features.

Whatever experience you’re looking for, you’ll find it on Ivy Société. It could be an extended dinner date with a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Brisbane escort? A date with a companion who loves film and literature? Perhaps an evening with a slim brunette who loves hiking and gardening? Curate your own unforgettable experience.

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Why try Ivy Société?

Founded by a leading Australian female escort, Ivy Société was created for safe, secure, and sleek experiences — making our platform the perfect place to find an escort service in Brisbane.

The Ivy Société difference

Safe and secure

Ivy Société understands that discretion is an important aspect of your experience, and we’re committed to providing you with a safe, and secure platform to explore. Your experience is supported by our team who prioritise inclusive and respectful encounters and employ a rigorous verification process for your security.

Verified escorts

We give you the peace of mind you need to find the perfect Brisbane escort. Every profile you see on Ivy Société has been personally verified by a member of our team. We do this so you can feel confident that your experience will be safe, and secure.

For escorts, by escorts

As an escort owned and operated business, Ivy Société is dedicated to removing the stigma that surrounds the sex work industry. We make sure to do everything in our power to curate a safe space for sex workers and their clients.

Simple and sophisticated

Our platform has been designed with your experience in mind. We have designed our website to be user friendly and simple to navigate. With Ivy Société, booking a Brisbane escort has never been easier.

More than an escort directory

It is important to us that we give back to the sex work community. We’re always looking for feedback on how to provide new and innovative ways to support the industry, and we pride ourselves on providing access to community support, immersive networking opportunities, and industry events.


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What is an escort?

A Brisbane escort is a service provider that may accompany you on a variety of occasions such as a dinner date, coffee date, a party, or a weekend away. An escort can provide you with companionship for a range of different reasons and experiences – the result will be a combination of what you and your provider agree on.

You can search Ivy Société to find a unique experience that will cater to your specific needs, and desires by filtering your search. Otherwise, you can simply read through the profiles, and read through the reviews. If necessary, you can always ask polite questions about what you can expect in your booking enquiry.

What services do Brisbane Ivy Société escorts offer?

Services will often vary between providers. Brisbane escorts may not always have their services listed, and discussing services is always at the escort’s discretion. You might receive confirmation about a specific service, or you might get a general idea of what to expect.

In Queensland, it is illegal for providers to discuss their services – if the provider you have contacted does not wish to discuss services, you must respect this decision as they are working within their legal rights. If you’re looking for something specific, it is best practice to ask before the booking occurs.

How do you book a Brisbane escort?

At Ivy Société, we make the booking of a Brisbane escort as safe, secure, and simple as possible. Start by browsing the profiles, and then make a good first impression by sending a thorough enquiry to the contact information provided on their profile. For the best opportunity to secure a date, be sure to send a respectful request with all the necessary information.

Just as Ivy Société implements verification processes for your safety – providers have their own protocols in place for their safety. You may be asked to go through a screening process and provide some information about yourself, and it is imperative that you respect this request. Many providers will have a variety of screening options for you to choose from, so you can feel comfortable during the screening process.

How much does a Brisbane escort cost?

Because Ivy Société is an independent escort advertising platform, each private Brisbane escort will charge their own rates. The minimum hourly rate will appear on each thumbnail as you browse Ivy Société. For more detailed rates and information about each escort, click on the individual profiles.

It is important that you take note of the rates, and available payment methods. Never ask for a discount or attempt to haggle. This behavior is generally frowned upon and may leave you without a successful booking.

Do you have escorts near me?

Ivy Société proudly showcases escorts from all over Brisbane, and the greater region. Simply search by your location to find an escort near you. As Ivy Société continues to grow, more and more locations will be added to our directory.

Think about whether you are looking to visit an incall, or have a provider visit you at a hotel, or residential outcall. This is important information to include in your booking request.

Are escorts legal in Brisbane?

The laws surrounding sex work vary across states in Australia and are also subject to change. When you’re booking a Brisbane escort you will need to refer to Queensland’s Sex Work laws. While sex work is legal here, it is regulated and nuanced. Incalls and outcalls are legal, however two providers can’t work from the same residence. Natural services are illegal – meaning BBBJ and other natural services are not within your legal rights.

With some of the toughest laws surrounding sex work, it is imperative to familiarise yourself with Queensland’s laws before you start the booking process, and always show compassion for providers who are navigating a complex legal system.

What should I do with a private escort in Brisbane?

With an increasing population, the city of Brisbane is fast growing and home to some of Australia’s most talked about restaurants, bars, and hotels. Such establishments are nestled between the city’s natural features such as rocky cliff faces, the powerful river, and ancient fig trees lining the streets.

Truly a romantic city to indulge in – there are plenty of options for your date. If you need some inspiration, Ivy Société has a dedicated page of blogs written by Australian escorts that can help you plan your date. Refer to our blog post ‘5 things to do with a Brisbane Escort.

How should I prepare for my booking?

We understand that booking private escorts can be a daunting process for some. At Ivy Société we go above and beyond to create the most user friendly experience – providing same day responses within business hours to answer any questions you may have. Through our website, you have access to professional advice on how to prepare for a booking and prepare a booking enquiry.

Visit our blog page and read articles written by industry professionals on how to write a respectful enquiry, how to have the best experience possible, common practices to follow during your booking, and protocols to follow during Covid-19. It is always important to practice good manners, and good hygiene. Payment methods, and other details may vary between providers and can be discussed directly. Most importantly – relax, and relish in the excitement of the experience you’re about to have.