How To Book An Escort Respectfully

Author: Ivy Société

Posted on: June 11, 2021

Booking an Escort Respectfully.

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You have the option to view escorts australia wide, limit your search to a particular city and narrow it down even further with filters to find the perfect escort for you. Using Ivy Sociétés’ comprehensive search feature, you can filter your search according to your preferences of:

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Viewing Escort Profiles

When viewing an escorts profile, it is important to note the key information they have listed such as their rates, services, availability and anything else listed in their bio. This information is pivotal to making the best first impression when sending an escort a booking request. Escorts receiving enquiries with questions that have already been answered are blatantly wasting the time of the escort, and chances are you won’t receive a desirable response. Make a good first impression by reading the escorts profile before constructing a respectful and thorough booking request. 

Escort Enquiries 

Escorts receive a vast amount of enquiries everyday, and more often than not will only reply to those who have sent a decent, respectful and thorough enquiry. To stand out and increase your chances of meeting your desired escort, it is suggested to write a detailed booking request. This should include:

  • A name for your escort to address you by
  • Length of booking
  • Suitable date/s and time/s for the booking
  • Location – incall or outcall. It is important to include the outcall location (either a hotel name or suburb)
  • Any requests you may have on lingerie and services (respectfully)
  • A short introduction about yourself 

Unfortunately, escorts often have to deal with time wasters who request free pictures, or generally just waste the time of the escort with short messages.

Please, never ask an escort for selfies or photos to confirm they are who they say they are. If you are concerned about this, it is better practise to do your research and find an escort with reviews and social media who regularly posts images. Ivy Societe verifies all escort profiles.

Client Verification

Some escorts may wish to verify that you are a safe client to see. Verification may be done with a reference from another escort, a photo of your driver’s license or business card. The process will be at the escort’s discretion and is purely for the safety and comfort of the escort. If you do not feel comfortable sharing this information, another option is to book a hotel and ask the escort to visit you there.


Some escorts will request a deposit to confirm the booking. These prices vary depending on the escort and the length of booking. The escort may ask for as little as $50 to secure the booking and others may require 50% of the total booking fee. Ask your escort how they would like to receive the deposit. Generally Beem It, Gift Cards, or sometimes a Bank Transfer are the safest options. Some Gift Cards such as Uber, are more discreet than others. You can purchase an Uber Gift card from the supermarket using cash/credit and send a photo of the code on the back of the card.

Some clients can be uncomfortable paying deposits in fear of scams. To avoid this, it is important to research the escort and make sure they are legitimate. You can do this by checking if they:

  • Have a website
  • Are active on Social Media 
  • Have verified photos 
  • Have reviews 

Booking Fee

It is recommended to confirm the remainder of the booking fee after the deposit has been made. Confirm how the escort would like to receive the remainder of the payment, usually payable cash and sometimes credit card. It is good manners and generally expected that you will have the payment sitting out in plain sight at the beginning of the booking.

Booking Location

If you are meeting in a hotel, it is important to book and send your hotel details well in advance. 

Upon checking in, take note if the elevators require keycard access. If so, you should plan to meet your escort in the lobby or another designated area. Communicate this to your escort in advance in order to have a seamless visit.

If you are hosting at your place of residence there are things to consider to endure the most comfortable and enjoyable experience for you and your escort.

  • Ensure you are the only person home or provide warning if that is not the case
  • Any pets should be secured (prior warning is suggested) 
  • Cleanliness is important, including fresh sheets 
  • Provide a clean towel incase a shower is requested 


It is advised to keep communication minimal prior to your date. Discuss only what is imperative to your booking. Escorts keep a busy professional and personal life and it is important to respect this. Your escort should also practice respect and discretion in return. Unless discussed with your escort, your booking fee does not include back and forth texting, emails or phone calls. Sending a polite text confirming the booking 12-24 hours prior is acceptable. 

**Disclaimer: This blog is for informative and leisurely reading, written for the purpose of engaging in dialouge surrounding the sex industry. It is not possible for myself to speak on behalf of all sex workers, as we each have our own unique experiences and values. I write these words from my perspective as an independent escort from Australia, who has been in the industry for many years and engaged with many other leading Australian escorts. I do my best to be inclusive of all experiences, however I speak only on behalf of my own journey.

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