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Adelaide is famous for it’s award-winning wine regions and restaurants, making it the perfect city to indulge in. What better way to experience this delectable, bustling city than in the company of an Adelaide escort? Whether you call Adelaide home or you’re passing through, Ivy Société has you covered on your search for an Adelaide escort to enhance your work trip, or leave the mundane behind. Visit Ivy Société’s website to find an independent Adelaide escort to enhance your experience of South Australia’s capital city, and Australia’s most reputable wine region.

Nestled in South Australia’s cooler climatic zone are the award-winning wine regions surrounding the state’s capital. Adelaide is Australia’s greenest city, and home to the most reputable viticulture in the country. This unique city provides a fresh take on the culinary scene and is best enjoyed with a companion. Ivy Société offers a variety of Adelaide escorts that cater to a range of preferences. Our innovative search function and SMS template simplify the booking process and all the escorts on Ivy Société are verified for security. What better way to experience this remarkable destination than with an independent Adelaide escort?

At Ivy Société, we pride ourselves on diversity, which is why we have escorts that fulfil a variety of unique preferences and ideals. You can search our directory for your perfect Adelaide escort with a convenient filtered search option on our homepage. Perhaps you have a thing for red hair, or particularly feel like spending the evening with a black haired, green eyed beauty. Whatever your type is, there is sure to be an Adelaide escort listed on Ivy Société to pique your interest.

Another value we hold at Ivy Société is establishing trust. All of the Adelaide escorts listed on Ivy Société are manually verified by our customer service team and deemed to be authentic and independent before their profile goes live. We believe doing this will allow you to feel at ease when booking an Adelaide escort.

Our website is much more than a directory. Along with an impressive amount of Adelaide escorts you will also find our recommendations on 5 practises worth exercising when booking escorts during the Covid-19 pandemic. If you’re new to this, or just want to brush up on your mannerisms; our blog contains articles written by leading Australian escorts. Here you can learn how to make a successful booking request, and how to best prepare for your date so you both have a memorable experience. 

Whether you’re planning a wine tour, visiting a gallery or museum, or simply want to enjoy a night out on the town, we believe there is no better way to enjoy all Adelaide has to offer than with an Adelaide escort listed on Ivy Société. An experience you surely won’t forget. For more information, read our detailed blogs here.

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Ivy Société Adelaide Escorts

Renowned for it’s award-winning wine regions and an impressive culinary scene, Adelaide makes the perfect city to indulge in. There is no better way to treat yourself in the South Australian capital than to indulge in this city’s delights with an Adelaide escort by your side. Whether you’re passing through on business or leisure, or you’re an Adelaide local – Ivy Société has the perfect selection of Adelaide escorts to entice you.


Ivy Société is home to a plethora of independent Adelaide escorts who are ready to enhance your experience of this multicultural city. We pride ourselves on showcasing a diverse range of independent escorts, and we are confident that you’ll find a vast selection of Adelaide escorts that appease a variety of tastes and preferences. Search our directory for the ideal escort by using our unique search function, conveniently located on our Homepage. This function allows you to filter your search so you can find your ideal date. No matter what your desires entail, there is an Adelaide escort to pique your interest. 


Perhaps you’re looking to spend the afternoon with a social escort who’s interested in arts and culture, and you have an affinity for curvy, strawberry blondes with bright blue eyes? Narrow your search down to these specifications to see if your dream Adelaide escort exists. You could be looking for a green-eyed, auburn-haired, slim escort, who loves literature and deep french kissing? The possibilities are endless and cater to an unending list of desires. You can also search by entering simple specifications such as gender, price range, height, ethnicity and vaccination status. 


You can rest assured that each Adelaide escort listed on Ivy Société is manually verified by our dedicated customer service team. We make sure that all of the independent escorts on our platform are verified as authentic before their profile is able to be viewed. We take pride in establishing trust, and believe that doing this will allow you to feel at ease when booking an Adelaide escort.


Ivy Société is much more than an escort directory. Alongside our impressive array of Adelaide escorts, you will find articles filled with information that will be valuable to you when booking an escort. Written and reviewed by Australian escorts, we provide access to blogs that include information on how to book an escort respectfully, how to have the ultimate escort experience and practices to follow when booking an escort during Covid-19. Here, you will find industry professional advice that will become an invaluable asset when planning your date with an Adelaide escort. 


We recommend understanding state laws as they pertain to sex work in Australia. When booking an Adelaide escort, you must refer to the South Australian sex work laws. Unlike most Australian states that have decriminalised sex work, the industry is still criminalised in South Australia. Although there has been a law reform campaign since 2015, sex work remains largely a criminal offence. The bill was reintroduced in 2018 and remains before parliament. The laws pertaining to sex work in South Australia have remained intact since they were first instated over fifty years ago. South Australian law contains a long list of offences that work to suppress commercial sex work operations that occur in brothels, and an escorts home can be defined as a brothel – even if they are the only person working from the residence. A client’s home however, is not considered to be a brothel even if they often obtain sex work services on the premises. Generally, this extends to hotels except under extreme circumstances of overuse. 


It is imperative that you keep this information in mind when booking an Adelaide escort. Always show kindness and compassion and be sure to respect any boundary that an independent escort working in Adelaide may have. Adelaide escorts are working within a very limited and complex legal system and it is your responsibility to respect any specific process, or request that an Adelaide escort may have in place to protect themselves. 


Let us introduce you to the best ways to make a good first impression on the Adelaide escort you’d like to meet. Don’t let the escort of your desires slip away due to poor communication. Before you send a request, we advise reading the escorts profile thoroughly; making sure not to ask questions that have already been answered through their profile. Your booking request should be thorough yet concise, containing all the information the escort needs, without any irrelevance. To be sure you have secured the best chance at receiving a positive response from your preferred escort, be sure to use respectful language and maintain respect for the escort’s time.


Just as Ivy Société has procedures around verification for your security, it is common practice for independent escorts to have similar verification processes to ensure their safety. If an Adelaide escort wishes to verify you, participate respectfully. If you do not wish to do so, respectfully retract the booking request. There is no room in safety procedures for negotiation. An independent escort will often have set rates, processes and preferred methods of payment and communication. If you would like to secure an amazing date, it is advised that you do not question, challenge or barter in your booking request. 


At Ivy Société, we understand that booking independent escorts can sometimes be daunting, particularly for those who are new to the process. Our team goes above and beyond to create a user-friendly experience, and our customer service department works tirelessly to provide same day responses within business hours. We have worked to set you up with everything you need for a great experience with an Adelaide escort. Whether you’re visiting a gallery or museum, planning a winery tour, or simply want to enjoy a night in, there is truly no better way to enjoy all Adelaide has to offer than with an Adelaide escort by your side. If you’re visiting other Australian cities, be sure to explore the Ivy Société directory. Happy Browsing!