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Welcome, I'm Sofia. An alluring, feminine beauty of British & French heritage, blessed with long, silken brunette tresses, smooth ivory skin, lithe size 6 body and hypnotic blue eyes which captivate and charm you. As you draw me close, you'll notice my petite waist, soft, luscious lips and deliciously enticing scent - one that speaks to you of faraway places, dangerous liaisons, and adventures yet to be had. My cheeky British accent adds a little twist.. revealing a sharpened wit and ample banter which provide depth to our encounter.

A great mentor once told me, "only boring people get bored" - wise words I've lived by ever since. I value the thrilling and unexpected, and willingly confess that your inner thoughts and obscure passions are equal parts exciting to me as the private pleasures we're sure to indulge in. I can't resist a lazy afternoon lunch where both the cocktails and conversation are free-flowing, my down to earth personality putting you at ease, savouring the chemistry as it simmers between us. As multi-faceted as a diamond, you'll find I'm everything from good natured goof-ball, to insatiable seducer - and as a consummate expert in the language of love, I know exactly when to turn up the heat. I'll thrill and intrigue you, but also relax you, make you laugh, and invite you to step into another world - one where pleasure is paramount, a space free of judgement, where we abandon ourselves to our deepest desires and most secret fantasies.

A true bon vivant, I enjoy all life's indulgences in equal measure, and make no apology for my love of luxuries.. a well-written book, best enjoyed in a steaming hot bath, another stamp in my passport, or an afternoon spent shopping for exquisite jewellery over saucers of Champagne... all are essential threads in the rich tapestry of a life well-lived, but nothing compares to my excitement at meeting an intriguing new stranger. If it's curiosity that killed the cat, you'll be pleased to know I've still got 8 more lives, and intend to fill each of them with my boundless appetite for adventure..

I'd love for you to accompany me.In the words of Oscar Wilde - "I can resist everything except temptation",

Yours,Sofia x

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Outcall FeeA$100
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Curly B, Sydney
Date: Oct 24, 2022
Within five minutes, I found myself thinking, “Unless this takes a very unexpected turn, I would very much love to see this girl again." From that point, it only got better. But to start at the very beginning: From Sofia's first reply, I had the feeling I’d made an excellent choice. Courteous, professional, and - major bonus points - funny (in good, deliberate ways). It shone. Each subsequent reply, she grew even shinier (and continued be funny in good, deliberate ways). So I guess I should not have really been surprised that Sofia most shines in the flesh. She’s gorgeous. It’s something of a cliche in these reviews but at times it does apply: her photos do not do her justice. I don’t know if she noticed, but when she opened the door, there was a little “Ooh!” gasp of delight. And with each passing minute she became more gorgeous 'til she triggered that thought at the start of this review. She is fun, she is funny, she is hot, she is sexy, she is passionate. (So passionate; it felt like it wasn’t our first time. Indeed, our second time - oh yes, I’ve been back - was even more so. As I type, I’m swooning somewhat at the fond recollections… Where was I…? Oh, right, the review...) Sofia is the girl you WISH you found yourself ‘stuck with' at a party, or at a dinner. Not only beautiful, the conversation is so easy, so fun, you simply don’t want her presence to end. (If you’re in the Dinner Date league - alas I am not - Sofia would be THE most delightful companion for an evening. Maybe one day…) Every so often someone exceeds expectations. Sofia is one such someone. ... Read more
Date: Nov 05, 2022
I just had truly one of the most magical moments with Sofia. She is beautiful, sexy, and exquisitely disarming with her warm British charm. What made it so special was how generous she is and how much she enjoys what she does. She guides you into a sensual passionate wonderland where the intimate moments slow down time and giving pleasure is rewarded tenfold. Booking was smooth and I’ll surely be seeing her again.... Read more

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