Bella Noirette Lumiere

41 years old, Brisbane

About me

***Currently away for inward healing self-love introspection. I’ll be returning to the city and available from Saturday 26th November, although I will be even more selective on requests I accept. If you’d like to connect prior to the years end I suggest making contact well in advance so I am able to consider prioritising your request. It is true that I am discerning with the people I consciously choose to exchange energy with on this level. I plan for you so naturally only consider those who plan for me too.***

LUMIÈRE NOIRE (black light) ~ Integrate the Light & Dark within

“I Am kind of a ‘good girl’ and I Am not. I Am a ‘good girl’ because I really believe in love, integrity and respect. I Am ‘bad girl’ because I like to tease. I know that I have sex appeal in my deck of cards. But I also like to get people thinking”

It was said ‘Every man wants a woman to appeal to his better side, his nobler instincts and his higher nature, and another woman to help him forget them”

I know a woman with integrity, intelligence, sex appeal and a magical mouth can be both. 

“I have spirituality too, but I also have that very real sex appeal that takes hold of the hearts and minds of men”

And let’s face it, we all know men think with three things. 

Being insightful and knowing what makes you tick in a blink, I seduce your senses and imagination yet never compromise you with my sacred gifts. I will not waste both of our time selling you like a cliche, I Am not interested in pretending and I don’t have to because my skill set is out of this world. I Am operating on a very rare level most are unaware of.

Sex appeal is not on purpose, you’ve either got it or you don’t. From my move to my groove, my walk to my talk, my gaze to my touch; I have sex appeal in trumps and I was born this way. Acute awareness assures my sense of self and sexuality in light and dark are so strong people are either enthralled or intimidated by my presence, but mostly both.

“The art of seduction draws you in stimulating the imagination, enticing you for more” - My energy is THAT intoxicating I’ll seduce you with my clothes on.

I Am a powerful presence and energy. I Am kind and openhearted with an empathetic approach to life and all living beings but also give tough love when needed. Do no harm, take no sh!t. I listen intently and care deeply about your wants and needs. I Am a creative & passionate soul who conjures through my wild sexual energy and erotic sensual nature at will. Wild liberated women should never be tamed nor have our free spirits curtailed. I create through my heart space. Yes, it is fierce and strong yet gentle and delicate. I Am a sophisticated, classy and refined taste yet simultaneously down to earth with a 70’s hippy energy. In a world full of trends, my will remains a classic.

Genuine exchange and intimate connections are important to me. I love sharing ourselves. There is something quite enchanting about connecting with somebody we have never met, yet the instant magnetic pull towards each other feels deeply familiar. Because we already know. A sense of time momentarily gifted, creating space for our energies to collide.

That is what it is about; interdependence, interconnectedness and belonging. Something we all deserve to feel. We are all meant to know more, feel more, live more and love more.

Based 8km from Brisbane City, 8km from Brisbane Airport & 4km from Fortitude Valley, I Am blessed with a beautiful penthouse bathed in an intimate ambience of warmth and love with gorgeous 12-foot ceilings that provide a sense of spacious openness rarely experienced in a secure Brisbane apartment. Proximity to trains, buses, link tunnels and bypasses. I Am mindful, respectful, private and discrete therefore request you are too. Parking is available for short-term and long-term rendezvous.

Sexual energy is potent, creative, electrifying, healing and life-affirming. The entry is our body and sexual energy is the flow that transcends the physical to the spiritual. We are beings having a human experience. May our energies meet in this space and merge as one for us to explore its sexy healing potential.

Bella Noirette Lumière xx

• Appointment only - short notice bookings are not available

• 25% non-refundable deposit & ID screening essential

Platonic Social Dates are also available for new & repeat connections.

Fetish & EroticStar requests are only available to repeat/regular lovers.


My interests

My sexuality is a unique creative expression. As a creative, I not only create from my heart space, I listen to earthly and galactic symphonies also creating from my soul. Modelling (retired semi-professional), writing, music and food are some of my creative expressions and love languages. Also an amazing cook, I LOVE food and fine produce. I love walking, hiking, and dancing. Ashtanga Yoga has become a main theme & dedication in my life. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my cats (do not reside at incall). Also an avid reader. I enjoy being in nature and solitude but if you make contact with me the right way, I might let you have a threesome with me and my solitude xx

My spiritual journey is my primary focus in life. This is how I connect with people, this is how I express and share my sexuality, sensuality, eroticism and spiritual wisdom; the light and dark of my existence…

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My services

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My interests

Arts & culture
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1 hourA$800
2 hoursA$1,600
Additional hoursA$600
Dinner dateA$2,000
Dinner dateA$2,400
8 hoursA$4,000
12 hoursA$5,000
24 hoursA$6,000
48 hoursA$10,000
Fly me to youA$500


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  • Notes: By appointment only. 25% non-refundable deposit essential. Screening essential. Short notice bookings are not available. Outcall incurs travel fee If you reschedule 48 hours prior to booking you are welcome to reschedule once. If for unforeseen reasons I cancel, you have an option to reschedule or full refund. Fetish & EroticStar booking requests must be discussed. These bookings are selective. I DO NOT OFFER BDSM


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