My RedLight Life: The Journal Keeping The Adult Industry Organised.

Investing in time management and financial planning is crucial in the adult industry – allowing people to take control of their finances and stave off burnout. At Ivy Societe, we utilise our platform to endorse health and safety measures, and keep everyone in our community thriving. There are a plethora of practices, protocols and principles that can lay a solid foundation for a successful, and safe career in the adult industry – and investing in your business is always a good place to start.

With this in mind, we were so excited to learn about My Redlight Life – a company specialising in adult industry specific diaries, logbooks, and invoice books designed to keep you on top of your finances. It’s not only pleasing to put pen to paper at the start and end of your day, but it’s also a good idea to have a hard copy of your records. My Redlight life is currently working on an App, so you can have the best of both worlds. 

Whether you’re new to the industry or not, you’ve probably heard about a little thing called burn out. It’s true that this is a phenomenon across most industries, however it is incredibly common among Australian escorts. Not only are escorts and babes working for themselves, they’re working unfamiliar hours, touring, and often pouring their emotional and physical energy into work – all the while, having to keep track of finances in a way that typically isn’t taught in civilian life. 

Staying on top of your bookings and your brand is one thing – managing your hours, income, and savings can be a completely otherworldly ordeal. This task can be nightmarish, even for those who consider themselves financially savvy. Ask anyone who has managed to keep a record of incoming and outgoing cash flow, and a monthly or annual tracking of hours; they will likely tell you that it has improved their work efficiency, decreased their spendings, and increased savings.

Because Ivy Societe is an escort owned and operated advertising platform for Australian escorts, the intent behind our business is to support sex workers, and curate a space where escorts and babes can thrive. The team at Ivy Societe strives to do this by sharing industry knowledge and lived experience, providing educational tools, and opportunities for networking, and marketing. We are always humbled to learn of all the other businesses that are working hard to support our community, and My RedLight Life is definitely a game changer for the unorganied. Head to to pick up a diary, or invoice book and stay in the loop for their upcoming App.