Ivy Societe In Conversation With The Next Best Billing Service 24 7 Billing

Author: Ivy Société

Posted on: February 04, 2023

Ivy Societe reached out to one of our SWer Only Gala sponsors to find out more about the incredible work they’re doing for escorts and babes in the adult industry. At Ivy, we’re obsessed with businesses that support Australian escorts, so we were excited to get the chance to speak with the team behind 24/7 Billing Co. Below is our conversation with the company that’s going above and beyond to provide escorts with a round the clock billing service. It’s discreet and free of discrimination and we love how convenient, and customer focused this service is. 

B.H: Tell us about the journey that 24/7 Billing has been on. What inspired the idea, and what was the motivation behind the business? 

247/: 24/7 Billing Co. was created to service sole traders, small businesses and service industry professionals that either can’t afford or simply don’t qualify for credit card merchant facilities provided by traditional banks. Ultimately, we wanted to create a safe, secure and cost effective app that turns your phone into a portable point-of-sale terminal, allowing you to get paid fast, from anywhere.

B.H: What a great idea. It seems like something that can really empower people financially, which is so important to the health and well-being of not just sex workers – but everyone! Are you currently working on any exciting features?

247/: Whether you run a team of 3 or 20, we realised you may need more than one terminal – so we’ve been working on the solution. This feature is called Teams, and it’s designed for people on the road. It’s the ideal addition to the 24/7 Billing app because it provides a simple and effective way to be notified of payments and keep track of your business while on the go. With no bulky equipment to carry around, users can easily accept credit card payments through the app — ensuring safe and secure payments. 

B.H: Sounds exciting! Can you tell us a little more about the security measures behind the feature?

247/: Each payment will require 2-factor authentication approval from the customer, and is executed simply via SMS or QR code. 

B.H: The convenience is definitely enticing. Taking payments in this industry can sometimes be a hassle, it’s good to know we have people working on ways to make this process easier while keeping the focus on security. What do you ultimately want to achieve with the work you’re doing?

247/: Our mission is to ensure that our customers can conduct their business on-the-go without discrimination, expensive overheads or bulky equipment. Using 24/7 Billing Co is so simple. All you need to do is download our free app to your phone, and you’re ready to start taking payments. No ABN necessary!

B.H: We’ve definitely appreciated the simplicity of using 24/7 Billing. Thanks for all your hard work, and thanks for taking the time to chat to us – and all your support for Ivy Societe and the SWer Only Gala.