7 Ways to Manifest Your Brand With Ivy Société

Curating your escort brand requires work, however it will define your success in the industry. Manifesting a brand that is sustainable and has adequate time and effort designated to the marketing is pivotal, whether sex work is your career or side hussle. You’ll only get out what you put in. Ivy Société has compiled a list of 7 investments we believe worth making to build the perfect brand.

  1. Invest In Professional Photography

In this nature of work, your brand will be highly visual. Working with a professional photographer is an investment worth making. Industry professionals will assist you in achieving a set of images that are salable and portray your unique brand. The setting, tone, outfits and angles should represent your personality and the kind of services you offer. Photoshoots can be expensive, however they will pay for themselves very quickly. You will use the images for your website, Ivy Société profile and social media. Be sure to update your images regularly, so you have the best opportunity to find new clients and tempt old clients. Selfies are still important to show an authentic, intimate and fun side to your brand, however do not discredit the power of professional photography.  

  1. Write an Incredible Bio On Ivy Société

You have caught the eye of many with your professional images, now is your time to show your personality. Your ‘about me’ will be so important to your clients. It gives them an opportunity to understand a little about you, and get carried away in the mystery. Be sure to write a bio that offers information that you can commit to memory, with moments that you can talk to if your client brings something up. This is a wonderful way to incorporate conversation into your dates, so be sure to write about things you love to talk about in person. Your bio should be enticing, yet informative. Include as much information as possible, limiting the amount of incompatible suitors messaging you, and the need for excessive questions. This will become an invaluable asset to managing your time. 

  1. Create Your Website

This is something you can do affordably and it will elevate your brand to a professional standard. Creating a website is now relatively simple, with free templates that are easy to edit yourself. Some platforms won’t be sex worker friendly, so do your research and keep a back up of all your data just incase you are removed. Ivy Société will cover website building in our webinars, so keep your eyes peeled. 

  1. Work Your Socials 

Instagram and Twitter are incredible platforms for networking and meeting new people in your new community. They will not only be a social outlet, but also a great way for you to advertise by sharing photos, tours and a little of your personality. Ivy Societe premium and elite packages include social media promotion on the business accounts. To view packages see here 

  1. Communicate Professionally 

Your communication with your clients is an extension of your brand. Keep it professional. Represent yourself in a way that allows you to be treated in the way you expect. You might not always be in the mood to reply in a professional sense, or at all. To save yourself the trouble, we advise escorts to set up automatic responses. Android and Apple users have the option of setting up text replacement which will allow you to create “shortcuts” to certain phrases. Even though these messages will be going out to multiple recipients, they should still harness your brand energy. 

For example; setting up a phone shortcut in your phone settings such as typing “1intro” into a text, it will autofill your automatic response:

“Hello! Thanks so much for taking the time to send a booking enquiry. Can you please provide me a time, location and length of booking you are interested in. Thanks xx”. 

This will save you time replying to poorly constructed booking requests.

  1. Provide High Quality Service 

Always remember, you are selling a service that is you. Be sure to provide quality services and experiences for your clients.This will not only keep them coming back, but they might also leave you a great review which will make you more desirable to new clients. 

  1. Take Care 

Ensure you are taking care of your physical and mental health at all times. There are many health services available, which Ivy Société will always have listed. Although your brand might be a version of you, it is still you at the core, and your health is the most important thing. Take care to also know the laws in the state(s) you are working to protect yourself from all angles.