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30 years old, MelbournePerthSydney
SWA: 135587 XE

About me

Hiya freaks, geeks, & perverts, I’m Billie; also known to those who’ve earned the privilege, as Master William Lestrange…

Although I’m a tall, toned, trans guy with a wee bit of fuzz, my soft skin, feminine features, and slender frame make for a uniquely genderqueer experience when you fall into my arms. My pronouns are he/him/they/them.

I’ve been on HRT for 3+ years; vitamin T has blessed me with a deep, lyrical voice, a juicy 3 inch clit-cock, and an insatiably hungry bonus hole!

I find I seldom need lube, as it doesn’t take much to get this little hornbag dripping…but if you really want to make a mess, let me loose to lick my favourite parts of you - with a rampant oral fetish, my mantra is “if I like something, I wanna put it in my mouth”!

As a sexual chameleon, I’m known for my ability to connect with, and mirror the energy of my play pals. My tastes and fetishes range from mild to wild; there isn’t much I won’t try - all you need to do is ask!

My most popular services are my blissful, sensual, and attentive Boyfriend Experience (BFE); my slutty, fun, and fiesty Pornstar Experience (PSE); and my creative BDSM scenes. I do also, however, love unique requests, and jump at the opportunity to dress up or roleplay ^_^

Whether playing with Billie or Master William, I come fully equipped with a big basket of toys & gear, including strap-ons of varying sizes for those who like to take, plugs, condoms, and lube…don’t forget to bring your own douche though!

I take great pride in curating unique and memorable experiences; whether you’re a first-timer looking for a gentle guiding hand, an experienced kinkster seeking something different, or just a nasty new pal looking for a rough & ready ride, all you need to do is ask…

Couples, fellow service providers, women, and pals of other genders are all welcome to inquire - I’m an experienced equal opportunity lover, and host a staunchly sex & body positive environment, perfect for exploring new sexual horizons <3

I happily offer social & event date services, and also take outfit & makeup requests. Bookings with 24+ hours notice will be prioritised, and deposits are non-negotiable. 

My interests

As a soft, sensual, and effeminate transmale Dominant, I enjoy a diverse variety of kinks and fetishes. With a strong focus on psychological Domination, and a deep passion for gender & sexuality play, I have little to no interest in corporal punishment. I don’t need much to unravel a weak beta mind; with wit like a scythe and a syrupy whisper, I have most kneeling without lifting a finger. 

My skills are proficient in, but not limited to, the following BDSM practices:

Sissification & Forced Bi/Fem

Whether you prefer a strict, stern hand from your Master, or a gentle, guiding touch, I am experienced and enamoured with erotic gender roleplay. “Becoming a sissy” can mean many things; it can be a tentative, ritualistic exploration, a playful, slutty, training session, an intense, nasty punishment - it can be anything! I provide a practiced hand with makeup, an eye for fashion detail and style culture, from hair and wig styling, to jewellery, accessories & photo sessions; my holistic sissification experiences will have you feeling pampered, beautiful, and naughty all at once.

With both my personal & professional experience navigating the internal gender space, and serving as a mentor to others on parallel journeys, I have a uniquely specific skill set that allows me to act as a well-versed guide in the BDSM play space too: from foreplay to aftercare, you can relax into the experience knowing you’re in safe hands. 

Edging, Chastity & Denial

Master William is an Edging King - as such, there is nothing I love more than edging, teasing and denying My subs! Using a plethora of interesting toys, as well as My soft, supple body, I tantalise and bewitch with erogenous glee until I’m begged for relief…not that begging often works however! My background in Tantra has equipped me with a toolkit of tips and tricks to hold & ride your orgasm; how long you ride is only determined by the time we have in the room…

Light bondage and restraints may be used on those who lack self-control. Interactive sexual contact is not only possible, but greatly encouraged, as is mutual/competitive edge play games - just remember who the boss is!

To those with chastity devices, seeking a devoted and enthusiastic keyholder; know that you need look no further. I wear My keys on proud display around My regal neck, both in the dungeon space and out, so your servitude is always near My heart. 

Sensory Play & Mindfuck/Psychological Domination/Power Games

Creativity, uniqueness, and commitment to role are three things you’ll surely notice about My sensory play and mindfuck scenes. Master William takes great care in the preparation of each individually curated play scene; by engaging all the senses using music, light, and scent, as well as touch and taste, My subjects quickly become all-consumed by My power, and submit with ease. For those who need some extra persuasion, My psychological manipulation tactics & mastery of language are rivalled by no other. 

Theatrical elements are also able to be incorporated into our play - teacher/student, coach/player, and doctor/patient are just some examples to get your mind going. If you have a preconceived idea of a dirty role-play for us: even better! 


Master William is an equal opportunities lover; I have long been sharing the company of pals of many genders, in all sorts of glorious group configurations. For those couples looking to try cucking for the first time, or perhaps just with someone a bit different, I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve.

If one of you likes to watch: tying you down and showing you how it’s done - on your heaving, sighing partner - is My speciality! MM, MF, FF, and all other gender-variant couples are welcome in My lair.

If you’re coming to Master alone, hoping to catch a glimpse of Me with a superior lover, you need only ask…of course I’m close with many professional beauties & beaus who are only too eager to show off with Me!


Master William is also a keen humiliatrix, foot fetishist, goonbro, and body/musk worship connoisseur. 

Adding elements of humiliation and degradation, pet play, human furniture, body/foot/musk worship, findom, milking, golden showers, and other specific or abstract kinks to our sessions is also possible/welcomed. I do not, however, offer ANY: pain play, heavy impact play, or corporal punishment. My hard limits, in addition to above, are broken skin, scat & Roman play, breath play, incest play.

Mutual kissing and sexual contact is part of most of My sessions, however it is not obligatory.

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My services

Anal play - on me
Anal play - on you
Anal sex
Body worship
Costumes and role play
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My interests

Arts & culture
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1 hourA$400
Social dateA$180


  • Monday
    3:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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    3:00 pm - 11:00 pm
  • Saturday
    3:00 pm - 11:00 pm
  • Sunday
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  • Notes: Available online Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday


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    Trans male
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Date: May 22, 2022
I have met Billie on a number of times, and each time gets better than the time before. I was a first timer when I first meet Billie, and he made me feel like we had a connection from the moment we laid eyes on each other. His body, clitcock and body hair is unbelievable. And he knows how to use his body and at time takes control. If you like it vanilla or really want to go crazy Billie is the man for you. From sucking his large clitcock or rim him or just let him tie you up and have his way with you, you will not be disappointed. Billie’s energy and lust is incredible and it’s not uncommon with Billie to fuck for hours, and leave wanting more. Billie is a must, and I can not recommend him enough!!!!! ... Read more

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