Avie Reid

24 years old, Melbourne
SWA: 10280XE

About me

Hello, I'm Avie, your copper-haired darling with blue eyes and renaissance curves.

I am here to discover and indulge all your erotic fantasies, it gives me the greatest pleasure to satisfy your every desire as we get to know each other. Perhaps I can also confide in you - share what makes me surrender, what makes me weak at the knees. I have a round, milky-soft behind that meets my hips and cinched waist, accompanied with B cup breasts with rose pink nipples that bloom in your mouth with every caress.

I enjoy impassioned play between the sheets as much as I do the heart-to-hearts and intellectual exchanges that come as we fall deeper into each other's company.

Let’s swap dreams and stories over dinner, sparkling tension building before we escape elsewhere for the night, peeling back more layers of intimacy. After a night of mapping each other’s bodies, let's relish in that magical feeling of skin and blushed cheeks touching in the morning.

Hedonism being my home turf, I enjoy all of life's simple indulgences- morning coffee, sharing a colourful meal together, delighting in a bathing ritual whilst we knead the creases out of one another. I love escaping the city, I am drawn to the ocean and nature, love to swim and cycle, and rejoice in the arts. You could share with me how you like travel, how you get away from it all, or what it is that's sparking your intrigue right now. I want us both to truly let go, just you and I satiating our minds, bodies and senses.

The idea of meeting a new companion can be both mesmerising and daunting. I have a calm and nurturing spirit which I hope will immediately put you at ease. I am pansexual and play with all varieties of genders, races, body shapes and abilities. I adore playing with all types of couples, delighting in them becoming closer to one another. I love indulging in group play, and I am here for and have experience in both vanilla and kink/bdsm play.

I treasure sessions where I can workshop a particular fantasy that’s been making you dizzy, a space for me to be creative and develop tantalising scenes for lovers.

You can expect to be met with desire, respect, non-judgement and playfulness when you’re in my company. Here is a chance to dance with all your fantasies, an escape full of play and carnality, discovering new pleasures. I embrace and welcome it all in the bedroom - leaning into new desires, clunkiness, light-heartedness, experimentation.

I look forward to you taking me on an adventure - a new restaurant, performance, an encounter in the bedroom, a weekend away, or leave it up to my imagination to design a perfect night for us to share…the choice is all yours.

Can’t wait to meet you, see you in the pleasure pool.


Avie Reid

E: avie.a.reid@gmail.com

M: 0410 122 405

My interests

Swimming and bodies of water, cycling, reading, a good film (film festivals too!), sensuality, nature, rock climbing, food adventures and good coffee.

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My services

Anal play - on me
Anal play - on you
Anal sex
Body worship
Costumes and role play
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My interests

Arts & culture
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Barnes Wallis
Date: Sep 13, 2022
EXTRAORDINARY That is the only way to describe Avie. Whilst my sample size may be small, there is no-one like Avie. Her responsiveness must be experienced. She delights in her vocation, and you will delight from it. Avie is a refined, educated yet lascivious and insatiable courtesan. To worship at her font is to open the floodgates. You will feel like Louis XV with Madame de Pompadour. Truly "Après moi, le Déluge". In the immortal words of Ian Alexander Meldrum AM, "do yourself a favour".... Read more

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