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Welcome to Ivy Société, where all your dream experiences with private Canberra escorts can come true. We are a directory that proudly hosts a diversity of Canberra’s most illustrious private escorts. Based on inclusivity, our business philosophy is to create a space that is safe, secure and sleek. We do our best to make sure you are able to have the experience you’ve been desiring. Within our modern platform, you’ll find that the booking process is sophisticated, and simple. We believe the more time we can save you securing a date, the more time you have to prepare and enjoy yourself.

Canberra is a city brimming with multicultural attractions, events and activities.Famous for its urban planning, it’s an incredible place to walk around and take in the sights. Home to beautifully designed hotels, and superb fine dining restaurants – what better way to enjoy yourself than with a companion? With escorts and babes in abundance, Canberra really is the perfect city to indulge in.

Why book private Canberra escorts?

Revered for its impressive architecture, museums, and galleries – the city is the perfect backdrop to a romantic evening. If you have time, you’ll find a bustling arts and culture scene, filled with hidden bars and culinary delights.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, the city is close to stunning national parks and awe-inspiring mountain ranges. Why not treat your date to a glamping experience, or a walk through the snow gum forests? With so much beauty to take in, why wouldn’t you want to experience it with a Canberra escort by your side?

With Ivy Société, you can filter your search to find the perfect private escort. Whether you’d like to check out a show with a bbw, brown-eyed brunette who loves comedy, and theater – or you’d love to spend the weekend with an trans escort who enjoys hiking and horse riding – you can curate your own experience with our simple search function.

If Canberra isn’t your final destination, you may be interested in visiting some other Australian cities. You can explore Sydney Escorts, Melbourne Escorts, Brisbane Escorts, Perth Escorts, Adelaide Escorts, Hobart Escorts  or browse our entire Australian directory of Escorts.

Why Ivy Société?

We take pride in displaying a diverse range of unique independent escorts on Ivy Société, and we welcome you to explore your personal interests and desires. Because Ivy Société was founded by a leading Australian escort, our philosophy is to provide a space for safe, secure, and sleek experiences — making our platform the perfect place to find and enjoy a date with an escort in Canberra.

The Ivy Société difference

Safe and secure

Safety and security is our top priority, and we are constantly improving our protocols to make sure you are having a safe, and secure experience.

Verified escorts

Our team is dedicated, and we are committed to a rigorous verification process for each profile that you see on Ivy Société. It is our mission that you feel assured that the person you want to connect with is the person they say they are.

For escorts, by escorts

Because we were founded by a leading Australian escort, Ivy Société is a directory that i dedicated to removing the stigma surrounding the sex work industry. We exist to curate comfortable and safe spaces for providers, and their clients.

Simple and sophisticated

We want your experience of booking a Canberra escort to be the best it possibly can. Our platform has been built to be secure, sophisticated, and sleek – making your experience as safe, and simple as possible.

More than an escort directory

By providing access to community support, networking events, and education tools – we hope to provide the sex work community with the respect it deserves. Giving back to the industry has always been an important part of Ivy Société, and we aim to continuously invest in new and innovative features.


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What is an escort?

An escort in Canberra can provide you with a variety of physical, emotional, and supportive companionship. The experience you have depends entirely on what you, and your provider, want. You may want a provider to accompany you to a lunch date, an overseas trip, or to visit you at your hotel or residential address – or you may decide to visit a provider at their incall.

No matter what the intention is, it is best practice to discuss what type of booking, or any particular service you would like before you meet.

What services do Canberra Ivy Société escorts offer?

Each provider’s service list will often be displayed on their Ivy Société profile. You can apply a filter to your search by clicking on a specific service listed on our platform. There is an extensive variety of services that can assist you in your search. You can search by service type such as Escort, BDSM, massage, or online – and you can also search by specific services such as bondage, couples, dinner companion, deep french kissing, and disabled clients.

We have implemented this feature so you can find escorts and babes that provide the particular service you’re looking for with efficiency. The less time spent on your search, means more time on your date.

How do you book a Canberra escort?

It is our mission at Ivy Société to provide you with access to all the information you need to make the booking process simple, and streamlined. Your experience booking a Canberra escort is important to us. We suggest you begin your journey by browsing the various profiles on Ivy Société.

Once you have found the providers you would like to reach out to, be sure you do your best to make a good first impression. You can do this by first reading their profile thoroughly, and then writing a concise booking request to send. Look for the provider’s preferred contact method such as text or email. Remember that each provider will have their own screening protocols in place for their safety.

How much does a Canberra escort cost?

Due to Ivy Société being an independent escort advertising platform, all the private Canberra escorts you see listed on the platform will oversee their own rates. You will generally pay an hourly rate, or a package rate – which you can find by clicking on each individual profile and looking under the rates section.

The minimum hourly rate of each escort will appear on their profile image as you browse the platform, and you can also filter your search by price. Remember to take note of the provider’s rate before sending an inquiry. We strongly recommend that you avoid haggling or asking for a discount – doing so may result in the provider denying your request completely.

Do you have Canberra escorts near me?

Yes! We proudly showcase providers from all across Australia and if you’re looking searching for Canberra escorts near you will find be able to find them by searching for on Ivy Société. As we continue to grow, you will have access to more and more Canberra escorts near you.

Before sending a booking request to a provider, you should think about whether you would like them to visit you at an outcall, or if you would like to visit them at their incall. Keep in mind that different screening processes may be in place for incalls, hotel outcalls, and residential outcalls. You can discuss these with your provider.

Are escorts legal in Canberra?

When you’re ready to book a Canberra escort, you can familiarise yourself with the Australian Capital Territory sex work act – this will outline everything you need to know about the laws pertaining to sex work in the ACT.

Both providers, and clients are legally obligated to practice safe sex and employ the use of prophylactics when receiving and providing oral and penetrative sex. This means that any kind of natural service is not within your legal rights. Any interference with a prophylactic, such as breaking or removing a condom before or during the sexual act is a criminal offence. It is very important to respect any boundary your provider has in place. Be respectful, kind, and polite and your experience with a Canberra escort will be better for it.

What should I do with a private escort in Canberra?

There is no shortage of escorts and babes in Canberra, and with all of the natural attractions, stunning architecture and high-class venues – there is always something romantic, or adventurous at your fingertips. Take in the views of the mountains in the comfort of your award winning hotel, or enjoy a stroll through the city after a flirtatious dinner date. No matter what you decide, you’ll have an unforgettable evening.

If you need a little more inspiration, we have prepared a series of articles written by leading Australian escorts to assist you. Visit our blog page to find answers to a range of topics including how to book an escort respectfully, things you can do with a Canberra escort, and common practices to follow in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

How should I prepare for a booking?

You can prepare for an incredible experience by first establishing great communication with your provider. Familiarise yourself with the law, and get a feeling for what kind of date you’d like to curate. Most importantly; relax, and rest assured that an experience like no other awaits you! Enjoy the booking experience on Ivy Société, and enjoy your time with your Canberra escort.