Keep Your Clients In Four Simple Steps

With every new client comes a new opportunity for a great professional relationship. Because there is a plethora of escorts and babes available at any time, it’s important to set yourself apart if you’d like your clients to become regulars. At Ivy Societe, we encourage good practice and consistently provide up to date educational tips so everyone can enjoy their experience. Below are four simple practices to follow for those who want to turn their clients into regulars. 

  1. Remember Little Details 

Everyone wants to be heard. Remembering small details from your first conversation and bringing them up in your next shows that you are present, interested, and caring. This small sentiment will be appreciated. With our busy lives, it can be difficult for some to commit small details to memory. We recommend keeping small, discreet notes to remind yourself for your next encounter.

  1. Let Them Know You Appreciate Them

If you have had a great time with a new client and would like to see them again, why not let them know? Humans love to feel appreciated. Send a follow up message to their preferred contact method and thank them for your time together.

  1. Spice Things Up

Surprise your client with a fun date idea, a new outfit, or something a little spontaneous. If you’re often eating out, perhaps suggest take-out and board games. If you usually stay in, perhaps suggest something a little more adventurous. Depending on which state you’re in you could always spice things up by inviting more escorts and babes to the booking.

  1. Keep Things Professional

From the way you present yourself, to the way you communicate; professionalism is the best way to approach any client. Most importantly, professionalism is also the safest way to operate. At Ivy Societe, safety is our first and foremost priority. It is important to your client that you dress, and communicate professionally, be on time, and respect boundaries – but it is equally important to practice precaution professionally. We strongly recommend that you notify someone of your whereabouts, do not accept open beverages, practice screening protocols, and always listen to your intuition and work within your boundaries.