6 Traits of a Time Waster

While sometimes seemingly innocent, time wasters can do more harm to providers than what meets the eye. It’s not only infuriating to encounter, but can result in serious burnt-out, and an aversion to meeting new clients.

Ivy Société is dedicated to encouraging good practice, yet old habits die hard. Sometimes it’s necessary to invest in defense, and we believe knowledge is one of the best tools to defend against time wasters. In the hopes that escorts and babes can avoid time wasters, we have listed six habits to look out for.

Some of these traits are also common amongst genuine clients and ultimately, it’s up to you how much time and energy you set aside for these requests.

1. You receive short texts, with no information about the booking

There’s no quicker way a time waster can reveal themselves then by sending ‘hey,’ ‘how r u,’ or ‘u avail?’ text. A client that doesn’t respect your time enough to formulate an entire sentence, let alone an adequate booking request – is likely going to continue wasting your time.

To deter this, you can provide a pre-filled booking request for genuine clients who may need assistance with their enquiry. You can also save time by creating personalised SMS templates and saving them on your phone. For example:

‘Hi, thanks for your text! Can you please provide the following details: date, time, durations and location of booking. Thank you!

2.      The request makes you feel uncomfortable

A good client will not only respect your time, but they will respect you. If you receive texts about services, or fantasies that make you feel uncomfortable – follow your intuition.

3. They barter, or ask questions that have been answered on your profile

You have dedicated valuable time to determining your rates, and creating your profile. A potential client who doesn’t take the time to read your profile, or attempts to haggle with you is likely wasting your time.

4.   If it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably a time waster.

While clients can be generous and fun – generally, when a date sounds too good to be true, they’re likely wasting your time. And they’re probably getting off on it.

5. The request seems reasonable, until it’s time to screen or send a deposit.

This is a trait of the more refined time waster, and they have had a lot of practice. If you have strict screening and deposit policies in place, it can be good practice to remind the client of this before providing services, or agreeing to a date. 

6. They send a series of questions marks if you take too long to reply

The passive aggressive flurry of question marks means you’ve got someone hot tempered on your hands, and no one needs that energy in their life. Not only could this person be dangerous, they also have no respect for your time and space.Often, the people wasting your time have done it before, and will do it again. Some may even enjoy it. For your own well-being, never indulge a time waster. At Ivy Société, we believe escorts and babes can save themselves so much time by being aware of these traits. Repeat after us: In the event of a time waster – block & delete.