Ophelia Parker

36 years old, Brisbane

About me


My name is Ophelia,

Playful, spontaneous, and bubbly, I hold a permanent cheeky glint in my eye that I would be delighted to focus on you. A classic good-girl-gone-bad, one of my greatest pleasures is in seeking the delicious electric fizz of sexual chemistry, genuine connection and a meeting of two incredibly dirty minds.

I’m from London, England and although Brisbane has been home for a while, my manners and accent never fail to give me away ;-)

In short, if you love to play hard, flirt wildly and enjoy the tease of attraction, I may just be the perfect companion for you.

I adore intimacy, pushing boundaries, and indulging in the absolute here-and-now of a red hot sexual encounter. Whatever your tastes or fantasies, you can be sure that I will be both keen and incredibly excited to share them all with you.

My weapons are simple: A genuine size 6 physique adorned with DD cup curves; classically beautiful features, blonde mane and ridiculously long, toned legs will assault your attention. And yes, they will feel - and look - as good wrapped around you as you imagine they may.

Stay a while, however, and discover it may not be these alone that will keep you hooked. My genuine love of sex in all its forms, hunger for a real experience where boundaries are pushed, selves are forgotten and sensations are experienced in single delicious moments, is an attribute of mine that will guarantee you ultimate pleasure and fulfillment in my company.

Matched with my quickness to laugh at both myself and life in general, generous wit and sincere interest in simply listening to your desires, stories and interests, my personality lends itself to my single intention - to indulge you in the way you deserve to be indulged. And to satisfy you as you never have been before.

Please don’t be shy to contact me and discover the specific services I offer. I work from a private, air-conditioned luxury apartment in Petrie, on the North-side of Brisbane.

If you feel a little nervous, you'll be welcomed with a huge hug, even bigger smile, and be made to feel utterly at home. If you prefer to dive right in, I'll certainly be matching your enthusiasm ;-)

Whether a sensual GFE, infused with sensual oil massages and steamy showers, or a hold-on-tight, straight-up filthy PSE is your particular style, I am more than happy to cater to your exact desire. Personal fetishes and fantasies are also most welcome. Simply tell me a little about them and we will figure out how to realise them in the most unforgettable way.

So, that’s me. I’m hoping there’s only one thing left to do now. Cancel your plans and allow me to become your new, most favourite treat.

My interests

In no particular order: Linguistics, social history, live comedy, cheeseboards, Chanel No. 5, psychological thrillers, pastel peonies, KitKats, deep hot baths, any and every book, 1940s fashion, seafood, sarcasm, mastering the cartwheel, gratitude, picnics, advanced driving, real crime, Macarons, silk pyjamas, Sunday roasts, pool (playing), the colour orange, clotted cream roses, human development, did I mention books? Books, anything scented with fig, rare steak, humility, delicate bracelets, belly laughs, soft blankets, cups of tea, flying small aircraft, British drama, weight training, markets, Sunday papers, the colour yellow, the certainty of toddlers, snow, Toblerones, love.

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