Tips For Morning Sex

Author: Ivy Société

Posted on: July 14, 2022

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, people tend to enjoy morning sex. Scientists have researched this biological desire in humans, and concluded that there are not only psychological benefits, but also physiological benefits that come from engaging in morning sex with a partner.

A study investigating the preferred time for sex in healthy couples, and it’s role in relationship quality and sexual satisfaction states that our sex drive is linked to our circadian rhythm; finding that sexual encoutners peak between 11pm – 1am, and again between 6am – 8am. This means that we are just as likely to engage in sexual activity in the mornings, as we are in the evenings.

However, just because morning sex is widely apprecited by humans – that doesnt mean everyone enjoys it all of the time. Read on to find out how you can make the most out of an overnight booking, and make sure morning sex is an enjoyable experience for you, and your escort. 

Perhaps you’re on a work trip to Sydney, and wanting to book a Sydney escort for an overnight booking. You know you have to leave for work by 9am, and you would really enjoy morning sex with your Sydney escort. You might have also flown in your favourite Brisbane escort for the evening, and want to make sure you are making the best impression possible, and preparing yourself for an evening and morning of great sex. Follow these three easy steps to ensure you are using the proper etiquette, and creating the best possible morning experience for you and your escort, or escorts. 

  1. Get consent. The first point of call is to ask your escort if morning sex is something they offer. Consent is always the most important part of any sexual encounter. If you know you want to have sex in the morning, make sure to ask your escort if they offer morning sex before you secure the booking. You should also discuss any desired sexual activity for the morning in the evening prior, and have an answer before you drift off to sleep.
  1. Ask again. This second step is very important, so don’t skip it. After your escort has consented to morning sex while making the booking, and again before you go to sleep – it is important to ask again in the morning to be sure the answer is still the same. Every human has the right to change their mind, and if the answer was ‘yes’ the night before, and ‘no’ the morning of; respect this decision. 
  1. Practice good hygiene. If you are both ready and excited to have morning sex; make sure you get up and have a shower, brush your teeth, use mouth wash and deodorant. The senses play a pivotal role in the sexual response of women, so be sure to keep this in mind when engaging in morning sex. No one likes bad breath and body odor. 

Once you have followed these three easy steps, you will find morning sex to be an enjoyable experience for all. Have fun!

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