Booking A Perth Escort

Author: Ivy Société

Posted on: March 25, 2021

Perth is home to many that live on the incredible Western Australian coastline. With suburbs lined with white sand beaches and riverside parks and gardens offering sweeping views of the city, Perth is a remarkable destination. As one of the most isolated cities in the world, Perth is a unique city with a vibrant atmosphere. It’s close proximity to Asia gives the city an incredibly rich cultural diversity, with  bars and restaurants that reflect its geographic positioning. 

Whether you’re a local or passing through, booking a Perth escort can be the perfect way to experience this city. Enjoying what the world’s most remote city has to offer with a Perth escort is an experience you’ll likely never forget. 

If you are planning a booking with a Perth escort, read on to learn about Western Australia’s sex work laws, and how to book a Perth escort with proper etiquette. 

Each Australian state has particular laws pertaining to the sex work industry. It is good practice to familiarise yourself with Western Australia’s laws when booking a Perth escort, and as always, use respectful language and proper etiquette when making your booking. 

Western Australia is quite relaxed when it comes to laws pertaining to the sex industry. There appear to be no prohibitions regarding the conduct of escorts. Incalls and outcalls are both legal. Your Perth escort may still want to screen you. This is a safety precaution that is considered good practise amongst sex workers in all states. Always respect an escort’s prerogative to screen clients. If you are not comfortable with what they are asking of you, politely refuse, or offer another screening method. It is advised that you also do your research on your escort for your own peace of mind. Both parties should always feel safe. 

If you are booking a hotel for your date, communicate with your escort prior to see if she has any requirements. It is advised that the hotel be a 4 or 5 star. This will assure the most desirable, safe and hygienic experience for everyone.

Crown Towers, Prices start $330

Crown delivers high standard contemporary rooms and amenities. Elevators require keycard access but there are plenty of discreet meeting places, bars and restaurants close by. 

Fraser Suites, Prices start $150

A luxury serviced apartment located in Perth’s CBD. These spacious rooms are perfect for overnight bookings. 

Como Treasury, Prices to Start from $550. 

COMO The Treasury is located in the Perth CBD. Set in a mid-19th Century building, this hotel boasts character.

Wildflower, inside COMO $$$

Impress your date with this culinary gem, found within COMO. Wildflower features a modern menu with influence from the six seasons of the indigenous Noongar calendar. 

Nobu, CBD $$$$

The world’s most acclaimed Japanese restaurant, Nobu is known for being innovative and serving up Japanese cuisine with a twist. Located inside Crown, Nobu is a great option for dinner dates.

Balthazar CBD $$

Balthazar offers up a refined Australian culinary with a substantial wine list. Providing an intimate dining experience, perfect for a discreet dinner date. 

Disclaimer: This blog is for informative and leisurely reading, written for the purpose of engaging in dialogue surrounding the sex industry. It is not possible for myself to speak on behalf of all sex workers, as we each have our own unique experiences and values. I write these words from my perspective as an independent escort from Australia, who has been in the industry for many years and engaged with many other leading Australian escorts. I do my best to be inclusive of all experiences, however I speak only on behalf of my own journey. Where necessary seek your own professional advice.

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