How To Make The Most Out Of Your Upcoming Photoshoot

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Author: Arianna Rose

Posted on: October 07, 2021

Let’s talk photo shoots. As a sex worker, they’re one of the biggest investments you make in your brand, so how can you make the most out of your upcoming photo shoot? 

It’s all about preparation—if you’re organised and go into the shoot with a clear goal of what you want to achieve, you’re likely to get much better results. It’s not easy though, and I know how anxiety-inducing photo shoots can be. If you’re not a model, it can feel really weird for someone you don’t know to take photos of you in lingerie!

To help you get gorgeous photos that you (and your clients!) will love, here’s a guide to preparing for your upcoming shoot. 

Plan your aesthetic

After you’ve selected and booked your photographer, it’s time to consider your desired aesthetic for your photos. Essentially, photos are a medium for visual storytelling, so think about your escort brand and what type of clients you want to attract, then tailor your photos accordingly—this will help you out so much!

For example, if you love FMTY bookings, can you book an Airbnb in the countryside for your shoot? It’ll help clients imagine what it would be like to go away together. Or, if you’re all about dinner dates, try to incorporate food or wine into your photo shoot.

Of course, a big part of this is your outfit selection, whether you want to wear lingerie, office attire, or a bikini. There’s no right or wrong, as it all comes down to your preferences. A top tip for your photo shoot looks—if you’re ordering lingerie or clothes online for your shoot, try to order as far in advance as you can, taking into account time for shipping delays or size exchanges. Also, check the company’s physical location before purchasing, as anything shipping to Australia from overseas is likely to take longer. 

When deciding on your outfits, think about colour too—what shades look best against your hair, eyes, and skin tone? Or, is your brand associated with a certain colour? 

Oh, and even though it pains me to say it, cut the tags out of any sheer lingerie—the tags will be distracting in your images so they’re best removed. 

Start thinking about poses

It can help to think about poses you like when planning your shoot. First, if you’ve never done a photo shoot before and have no idea, this is ok too! Most photographers are very glad to suggest poses to help you feel more at ease. 

However, it never hurts to do some research beforehand, so look at the image gallery on your photographer’s website—are there any images that you like the look of? If so, screenshot them for inspiration and show them to your photographer on shoot day—this can really help.

You can also approach this by thinking about which features you’d like to highlight. Do you love your gorgeous curves, long hair, or awesome tattoos? Think of poses and angles that might show off your favourite assets. 

When it comes to poses, they’ll also vary based on whether or not you show your face. There are plenty of ways to hide your identity though, such as by covering your face with hair, blurring, or cropping photos.

One last tip: when you start shooting, always point your toes and arch your back–it makes your legs look longer and showcases your sexy, beautiful curves!

Book hair and makeup

Even if you’re not completely face-out, it’s still worth getting your hair and makeup done, if your budget allows. Contouring, colour, and blush, for example, can still show through the blur, giving your final images a more polished look.

Luckily, there are plenty of sex work-friendly hair and makeup artists (HMAs) out there, but plan far in advance, since popular artists are quickly booked out. Allow plenty of extra time before your shoot for this, since hair and makeup often take longer than expected and you don’t want to keep your photographer waiting. 

Stay hydrated

Leading up to the day, drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated will help your skin look its best and can help prevent bloating. It never hurts to avoid alcohol for a few days before shooting also, since alcohol can cause dehydration and lead to water retention. 

Don’t drastically change your diet

We all want gorgeous images out of your shoot, but try not to fast or crash diet in the days leading up to your shoot. It’ll leave you fatigued, hungry, and grumpy, without enough energy to power through your shoot.

Instead, enjoy a healthy meal the night before, such as lean protein and veggies, so you feel nourished and content on shoot day. 

Also, you want your images to be an honest represntation of who you are—there are plenty of clients out there who will absolutely adore you, just the way you are. 

Wear loose-fitting clothes

On the day of your shoot, avoid tight-fitting clothes. Tight jeans or clothing can leave temporary marks on your skin, which will show through in photos. Comfortable loungewear is always great to wear on shoot days. 

If you don’t want your personal jewellery in the shoot, leave it at home so you don’t forget to take it off. If you’re face-in, you might not want to shoot while wearing your unique ring or bracelets, for example, as they can be recognised by people who know you in real life. Same with tattoos—while they can’t be removed, your photographer can edit them or hide them with strategic posing. 

Nerves are normal, so talk to your photographer about how you’re feeling

Whether it’s your first or fifth shoot, it’s completely normal to feel nervous. Posing in lingerie is not something most of us do each day, so my big tip is to communicate with your photographer.

Let them know that you’re feeling nervous—any experienced escort photographer will have heard this before and can help you feel more at ease. Have a chat about your concerns and I guarantee they’ll be able to help you through it!

You can also think about what might make you feel more comfortable during the shoot, such as playing music you love or bringing along a snack to boost your energy. 

With these tips, your next shoot is sure to be amazing! Yes, photo shoots are a lot of work and a big investment, both financially and in terms of your time, but they’re worth it. New photos on your advertising sites and social media will always give you a boost, attracting new clients or reminding your regulars of how picture-perfect you are!

About Author: Arianna Rose is a Sydney-based escort and writer. She’s also passionate about travel, exploring the outdoors, and fitness. You’ll often find her enjoying an early-morning swim, walking her dog, or planning her next adventure, somewhere in the world! 

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