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Nova Supa is a Central Coast Escort provider. Read the full review left by Smitten below.



Nov 20, 2022

I spent a delicious two hours with Nova recently. I had been totally captivated by her profile on Ivy and fortunately, we were able to make a mutually convenient time to meet. Fortunately is an understatement. From the moment Nova greeted me with the warmest hug I have experienced for some time until we hugged with a fond goodbye and a promise to meet again soon, Nova made me feel completely safe and completely connected. By the end of our time, it was hard to believe that we had only met that day. Our time together had flowed so effortlessly and so naturally and I was hooked. I value respect and clear communication and Nova delivered this genuinely and organically. She has one of the most beautiful smiles on the planet and I could readily melt into her eyes and luxuriate in her laughter. I only wish we had more time to explore together, but that will come over time and even my natural impatience for this to happen immediately was quelled because Nova has an innate ability to create calm, safety and assurance and everything about her is authentic and given generously - all the more, I assume, when this is reciprocated. I will not write about Nova’s physical beauty. Suffice it to say that like everything else about this totally gorgeous young siren, what you see is what you get and her stunning photography so generously shared on Ivy and Twitter is accurate, so please suspend disbelief - Nova is as beautiful and as natural as she looks and that beauty is certainly more than skin deep. As to details of what passed between us, that is for each person to create by bringing their own honest and respectful personality to an encounter. Rest assured, you will be met like with like and will leave any brush with Nova richer than you enter it.