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Maeve Muir is a Melbourne Escort provider. Read the full review left by Smitten below.



Nov 13, 2022

I had the opportunity to spend a delicious two hours with Maeve Muir two weeks ago and I am still floating and luxuriating in the experience and dreaming of the day that we can continue the exploration and the wondrous sensual journey that we started that night. This was my first but certainly will not be my last submission to this goddess. It was not all plain sailing. I had ambitiously planned to meet Maeve soon after I arrived in Melbourne. Although I had left a goodly margin for errors and delays, Qantas had other ideas and my flight ended up being nearly 2 hours late. Fortunately for me, Maeve was understanding and accommodating and we were able to go ahead with our tryst, albeit rather later than planned. All of the stress melted away as soon as Maeve opened the door to her amazingly positioned incall. Her warm hug melted all of that pent-up anxiety off me, and I knew that I was in safe hands. From there, the evening flowed effortlessly from height to height. Maeve had taken the time before our meeting to explore with me my likes, dislikes, hopes, dreams and desires for our session and from this we together created a wonderfully dizzying, flowing experience that I did not want to end. Maeve is intuitive, open, non-judgmental, carnal and lustful. She has an ethereal beauty and sensuousness and I could happily have spent our entire time just luxuriating in her warm seductive presence .. but of course, we did not. I will not, of course (even if I could), be giving a blow-by-blow description of our time of how we did spend our time. A connection having been created, Maeve expertly and seamlessly moved between sensual lover, playful mistress, hungry, lustful succubus and back, all the time building a beautiful erotic tension even as my hands, feet and body burned and stung from her blows and ached with the delicious yearning generated by her soft teasing touches and her sweet, sweet kisses. All too soon, our time had passed and I wished I had arranged to return the next morning to reprise that delicious coupling and take another step into the mesmerizing shadows that lay just beyond where we had reached. For now, I must be content with my dreams and plan for our re-connection. Thank you, Maeve. You are a human being of the highest order.