Ana Rosa

32 years old, Brisbane

About me

We’re right here, right now. You take my hand and we lead each other to a space just for us. Time stops and gives us the freedom to create our own moment; we feel liberated and completely unbound, or completely bound.

Piece by piece we peel away the layers… falling to the floor around us…soft but deliberate fingernails caress behind your neck…and back…down, down, down, between your legs…(insert emoji)…You look down and gazing up at you is a pair of fiery eyes and a cheeky smile. We both know what comes last, but what comes next?

We explore each other’s desires, melding together, feeling more and more as one. Words fade away whilst our understanding of each other deepens, feeling the body’s warmth moving, shifting, but always present.

We communicate with our bodies, with a look, an expression, tension and pleasure on the face, a soft moan, a stroke, a giggle.

Moments come, moments go, they never disappear. We smile, we laugh, we lounge. We look at each other, silently anticipating the next moment when time stops again and we explore, adding to the next chapter of our journey.


Like to please? Music to my ears; I love being on the receiving end. I don't, I won’t hold back;)

If you are a man with a disability or special needs, know that you’re with someone that’s previously been a carer. We’ll create the magic and tenderness we all deserve to feel. Be ready, especially if you are confined to a wheelchair for the roll of your life!

If you are a first timer or inexperienced, take my hand and we'll go on a journey. I’ll guide you on how to please a woman, and be pleased by a woman. You will be oozing confidence in no time;)

If you are reading this Ms X, let's tantalise, tease and put Mr X in his place… together;)

Lost your mojo or not sure if things are still in working order? Let’s work together and get creative in making it happen. Throw your hat off, take a leap of faith and dive back into those youthful years!

My interests

I'm passionate about what I do and love the feeling of being liberated to express and explore myself with others. I enjoy laughing freely, (often until my belly hurts), joking around, dancing, expressing my creative side (also outside of the bedroom), planning experiences, discovering, learning, digging deep and getting my daily dose of morning sunshine whilst appreciating the simple things in life.

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My services

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My interests

Arts & culture
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1 hourA$800
1.5 hoursA$1,100
2 hoursA$1,400
3 hoursA$2,000
1 hourA$1,000
1.5 hoursA$1,300
2 hoursA$1,600


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  • Notes: I'm passionate about what I do and enjoy connecting with others. If you’d like to make a face to face connection where we can chat and answer any questions, why don’t we do a video call and get to know each other a little better? Just shoot me a text like “Hi Ana I’d like to have a chat/video chat” and add any other details you’d like. The more you include, the more we can create an amazing experience!


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