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Perth is the capital of Western Australia and is lined by white, sandy beaches and beautiful parks that weave throughout a thriving metropolis of restaurants and bars. One of the most isolated cities in Australia, it’s a mere few hours to some of the most incredible and remote destinations Australia has to offer. Whether you’re seeking an adventurous experience on Rottnest Island, or the food & wine culture found in Margaret river, there is something that will appeal to everyone. These experiences are best enjoyed with someone by your side, and whether you are a local, or a tourist – you can find an incredible companion in a Perth escort. 

The unique geography of Western Australia makes Perth a remarkable destination for visitors and locals. With a vibrant metropolis, white-sand beaches, crystal-clear water and situated in close proximity to other-worldly national parks; Perth can be enjoyed by the adventurer and the idle vacationer. Either way, time here is best spent with a companion. Ivy Société lists a diverse range of Perth escorts.. Each escort is earnestly verified by the Ivy Société team, and there are blogs available via our website that provide recommendations on where to eat, drink and stay for the best and most discreet experience with an independent Perth escort.

As a directory that values diversity, we have a vast array of Perth escorts to satisfy the unique list of preferences you might have. You could be looking for a dinner companion or some dirty talk, a social escort or a strip tease. Whatever it is you’re looking for, you can search for it with our unique search function. With this, you can search by price, age, height, eye colour, hair colour, body type and bust size. Find the perfect Perth escort by using this feature, or simply browse the list of Perth escorts.

At Ivy Société, we recognise that discretion is important, which is why we have asked leading Australian escorts to offer recommendations for the most discreet venues and hotels that you and your Perth escort can feel comfortable in. You can find these recommendations, and other valuable information on how to make a successful booking request, and how to best prepare for a memorable date with your Perth escort. To learn more, read our blog ‘Booking a Perth Escort.’

It is also our intent at Ivy Société to establish trust. Each of the Perth  escorts advertising on Ivy Société is verified manually by our dedicated customer service team. It is important to us that all the Perth escorts are verified as independent and authentic before their profile is listed. In doing this, we hope you can feel comfortable while booking your Perth escort. 

Whether you’re planning on an adventurous Western Australian experience or a luxury hotel and fine-dining dinner date, you will find a Perth escort to create indulgent memories through the Ivy Société directory. Start exploring the unique Perth escorts and if you’re interested in Australian escorts from different cities, visit Melbourne Escorts, Adelaide Escorts, Brisbane Escorts, Hobart Escorts, Sydney Escorts or browse our entire Australian directory of independent Escorts


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On Australia’s Western coast you will find some of the most incredible beaches on Earth. The characteristic white sand of the Western Coast fairs well in highlighting the turquoise waters of the triad of oceans that greet the shoreline. You will also find one of the world’s most remote cities; Perth. In a city that’s geographical coordinates make it easier to travel overseas than it is to travel regionally – it’s no surprise that Perth is an incredibly rich multicultural hub. With close proximity to Indonesia, Perth makes an ideal destination for those who travel abroad frequently from Australia. 

Surrounded by impressive parks and an enticing coastline, this modern-metropolis is filled with exciting restaurants, bars, cafes and a thriving arts and culture scene. There is no better way to spend time in this unique city, than with an independent Perth escort by your side. Whether you dream of taking a Perth escort to sit riverside at Kings Park, take in the city views from the Botanic Garden on Mount Eliza, or to one of the many restaurants, theaters or art galleries; you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience.  

At Ivy Société, we pride ourselves on supporting the business of a diverse array of unique and independent Perth escorts. As an Australian escort owned and operated platform, we are aware that there are many unique preferences that desire to be catered to. In full support of individuality, we have created a search function that allows you to filter your search for an escort. This function is built to inspire attraction according to your own preferences. Here, you can input specific features such as your prefered dress size, eye color and ethnicity. Perhaps you have dreamt about an extended dinner date with a slim, black-haired, green-eyed Perth escort who loves to play chess, and provides strip tease as a service? Maybe you’re attracted to a curvy blonde, who loves cooking and practices tantra? Or do you want to spend the evening with a busty brunette who’s interested in stock trading and some light bondage? Choose your own adventure with Ivy Société and dream up your perfect date with a Perth escort

All of the Perth escorts you see on Ivy Société have been verified by our devoted customer service team. By ensuring a rigorous verification process for each independent escort listed on our platform, we aim to establish a safe and secure environment for everyone using Ivy Société. You can feel assured that the Perth escorts you see listed on our website have each been individually verified as authentic independent Perth escorts. 

Here at Ivy Société, we offer much more than our innovative escort directory. Alongside our impressive selection of escorts, we also provide articles that will prove invaluable to anyone looking to understand and learn about the intimate world of escorting. Our website provides access to blogs written by industry professionals. These blogs can guide you on a plethora of subjects including how to book a Perth escort, things you can do with a Perth escort and how to book an escort respectfully. Through these articles will find an abundance of professional advice that will assist you in curating the perfect experience with your Perth escort.


It is useful to understand how state laws vary across Australia. When you are booking a date with a Perth escort, you will need to refer to Western Australia’s laws surrounding sex work, which are governed by the ‘Prostiution Act 2000.’ While independent sex work is legal in Western Australia, the industry hasnt been completely decriminisiled and there are punishable offences for those working in street-based soliciting and brothels. Booking an independent Perth escort is not a criminal offense, so you can rest assured that seeking out independent sex workers in Perth is the most secure option for both you and the sex worker. 


Once you are ready to book a Perth escort, you can refer to our blog page that not only has information on how to book an escort respectfully, but also on the best places to eat, drink and stay with your Perth escort. Our mission at Ivy Société is to make the process of booking and planning a date with an independent escort seamless. We believe this lays the foundation for you and your Perth escort to have the best experience possible. It is always recommended to make a good first impression when making initial contact with a Perth escort, and maintaining good communication throughout.


As the sex work industry is built on intimacy, it is important to establish a respectful relationship with the Perth escort you wish to book. We recommend reading the escorts profile thoroughly before preparing your booking request, and submitting a polite and thorough message that has all the information that the Perth escort needs. Most Perth escorts will have a preferred method of communication, so be sure to take note of this before sending your request. It is not recommended to haggle or barter with the Perth escort you are interested in. Check the rates on the Perth escorts page, and respectfully discuss them with the escort if they wish to do so.

Keep in mind that your Perth escort may want to verify you. Just as Ivy Société verifies each Perth escort on our platform, this is done purely for the safety and security of everyone involved. You can discuss various methods of verification with the Perth escort you are in contact with. It is imperative and should go without saying that you must respect the boundaries of independent escorts. Always use the proper etiquette when making contact and show respect for the escort’s time. The more respectful you are of the Perth escort you wish to spend time with, the more you will get out of the encounter. We are confident that if you are guided by our blogs written by industry professionals, you will be on your way to securing an experience like no other with a Perth escort. Happy browsing!